Regardless of your industry and product, it is the label that draws attention first by the customer. Throughout the shelf life of your products, it is important to use quality labels to best represent your brand and company. For this purpose, label raw material, adhesive type and print quality come into prominence.

According to the product, packaging and presentation conditions, we should choose one of the raw materials of paper or plastic based label. Choosing the right type of glue suitable for the substrate and ambient conditions on which the label will adhere ensures the best adhesion of the label throughout the shelf life, avoiding unwanted situations.

According to the order quantity and label feature, we determine the most suitable Letterpress, Digital and Flexo printing options for you and work to make your label look the best with quality printing and vivid colors.

If desired, extra applications such as gilding, cellophane, lacquer on the label will make it look more attractive.

We will be pleased to meet you with the label and printing options appropriate to your product in the desired sizes and quantities to serve you.

Roll Label Applications